Hello, I am Kayla Pento, owner and operator of Kayla Pento Photography. I was born and raised in Rehoboth, MA, a big town with a small town feel. At 18, I married my high school sweetheart before his first deployment and now, many years and deployments later, we have two beautiful little girls together. Back in high school, I was given an amazing gift in my first SLR camera and learned how to shoot and develop my own film and photos. It changed my life forever.

Nowadays, I am doing bigger and better things with my photography, aiming to capture moments in time so that my clients never have to forget them. I want your personalities to shine in every photo, and I want to give you something that you and your future generations can always have to remember. After all, I am here for you! I want your time with me to be an experience. I keep things professional, but I want us to have fun, too.

I am thankful to have the amazing clients I do and I love to take care of them and ease any worries they may have, whether it is on their wedding day or during a family session. I look forward to meeting you, learning your story, and telling it through my lens.